Sunday, March 15, 2009

Everett : Portrait

None of my friends have really had kids... Up until now. :)

Sarah Bess was my first Florida friend when I moved here, and we were both working in Fantasyland attractions on the Disney World College Program. We quickly fell in love with eachother- Sarah has the most infectious laugh ever, and she's one of those people that can bring anyone from feeling rock-bottom to the top of the world in two minutes flat. She's super pretty and funny and nice. For a while I honestly thought we'd both move to St. Augustine and be roommates in some artsy fartsy apartment above a vintage clothing shop. Sarah would would paint all day and I'd write novels and we'd have a cat named Italics, and we'd ride matching black bicycles with baskets on the front. That's how serious we were about each other. ;)

Sarah had to grow up and move home to Indiana, and I was absolutely crushed when she left. She really was my sunshine and I still miss her so very much. When Nathan and I visited his family in Indiana after the holidays, I'd be lying if I didn't say I was most looking forward to catching up with my old friend. :) This time was slightly different, however, because Sarah brought along the newest man in her life- Her ridiculously adorable son, Everett...

... Who happened to bring us presents and graciously helped us open. Everett chose pink heart socks for me, and for Nathan, the condensed version of this.

Love this. :)

Sarah Bess and Everett met us at the airport, and then we pressured them into letting us do a mini-photoshoot. :)
I have no idea. :)
So, there really isn't anything much to play with near the Indianapolis Airport, which was recently re-built, so we actually took these following photos in the empty parking garage of the old Indianapolis Airport. :)
I just want to take a minute to say if I'm even 1/10th of a mother to our someday kids that Sarah is to Everett, I'll be happy. She really is the best Mom I've ever seen, and I got all teary just watching them interact. On the way to our shoot, she'd start asking him, "Everett, are we going on an ADVENTURE?" and throughout our time together, "Ev, is this the best day of your life?" I know it's cheesy, but I'm just so darn proud of her. :)

He really is the cutest thing alive.


Aaaaaand this is the moment my maternal clock burst into flames. ;)

Sarah, in a total impromptu "Mom" moment, making a game out of nothing. :)

Have I mentioned how much I love him?!

I love this next series... Sarah puts her glasses on Ev...

... He tosses them down the stairs. :)

Sarah had him looking for bunnies in the bushes. :)

Soon it was back to the airport for goodbyes. :(

Sarah Bess and Everett, you guys are welcome in our home anytime. Come visit Disney World soon, ok? Love you both to the moon. :)


Amelia said...

oh. my. gosh. the cutest child alive.

ps. I know I say this all the time, but I can't wait for you two to have kids! If it's possible, these pictures just made me want a little niece or nephew even more! hahaa :)

A-T-G said...

Those pictures are just too, too adorable! And I love that you've got documentation of the EXACT moment your Maternal Clock started ticking. Your kids will be beyond the cute threshold!

Rebel Belle Photography said...

Adorable Shots Mr & Mrs Root!! Love how you caught your maternal clock working, Jensey! Im seeing little babies with tiny cameras running after you guys someday! :)

Lisa Lu said...


Studio222 Photography said...

He is so adorable!!!!!

Stef's Blog said...

omg please hurry up and have kids as cute as Ev!

Just Kids said...

Great Photos ---love them. :)

throughHislens said...

I love that escalator shot with him looking up!

awesome work :)