Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Charli & Lola : Family

One of the best things about going to Ohio for Michelle and Mike's reception was that it gave us the chance to catch up with one of our most memorable Root couples, Lindsey and Eric. :) I literally get a case of warm fuzzies when I think of these guys, and this time, we were introduced to the loves of their life, Charli and Lola. *Swoooooooon!*
These guys were bursting with personality, and I'm convinced Huck would be in love!

Costume change time!
I believe this is Charli as candy corn. :)
Nathan shooting Lola in her "sexy witch" costume, as Lindsey told us.

Family portrait time. :)

Precious. :)

The best thing about Lindsey and Eric's home was that it was COVERED in our photos from their wedding! From goooooorgeous canvas prints on the wall, to photos in the bathroom, on shelves, up the staircase, our work was everywhere and we were in love! The highlight of the day was when Lindsey said when she ran out of wall space, her mom had a throw made of one of their favorite photos! This is her rockin' the finished product-
Lindsey, I adore you, and wish you guys lived closer! I know I'm not supposed to have favorites, but well, you know how we feel about you. :) Can't wait until our next visit!!!!!!!!


Carriatrick! said...

After almost a year as reigning champ of my work PC's desktop, Steve the Hamster has now been replaced by this shot of Lola! Or possibly Charli...

Stef's Blog said...

i love those puppies!!!!!!!!!