Friday, November 21, 2008

Michelle & Mike : Wedding

I felt the need to do at least one more post before running to the airport. Michelle actually went to high school with Nathan! She and Mike contacted us a while ago, and we were stoked they decided to go with us. :) We've done some weddings for girls I went to high school with (April, Alicia, and Lauren), and now it's Nathan's turn!

Michelle and Mike were married in Sorrento, Florida with close friends and family, and they're having an additional reception in Ohio this January which we're crazy excited for.

Michelle wore, quite possibly, my favorite bridal shoes of all time.

We're working on a blog makeover where we'll be showcasing our favorite vendors, and this guy will be topping the list. This is Lee Forrest the florist, and his work is nothing short of magic. If you haven't found a florist for your wedding (and even if you have, for that matter), he's the best!

Hello, gorgeous!

Favorite of the day, I'm thinking. :)

Mike, his dad, and brothers goofing around.

I love when a bride gets emotional..
... But even more when a groom does. :)

The backdrop Lee created was breathtaking.

They're so stinkin' cute..

The first dance was to "Tiny Dancer," I believe, because Mike proposed after an Elton John concert.

Last dance to "New York." I believe this was when one of the family members busted out a tambourine. :)

Michelle and Mike, we'll see you guys in JANUARY! We can't wait!! :)

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Anna said...

Amazing photos, and I just love those shoes!