Friday, November 21, 2008

Nicole & Bobby : Engagement

I met Nicole about 3 weeks into my relationship with Nathan. I was so nervous to meet his friends, particularly because most of them were girls, and particularly because I really believe I'm one of those only beautiful on the inside sort of girls, and I'm not so comfortable in groups. :/

Not only was Nicole completely warm and welcoming to me, but everyone else was, too. Nathan has always had a way of attracting the nicest friends you could ever imagine, and I've never met a friend of his that wasn't genuine. This was most definitely the case with Nicole. :)

We were so bummed to hear that Nicole and Bobby's wedding venue came with a photographer, but they still wanted us to shoot a few engagement shots! Nicole was so excited about the shoot that we both got emails and Facebook messages from her letting us know just how much she was looking forward to the pictures. Hopefully we exceeded her expectations! I know I love them! <3

The love of my life!

Favorite. :)
Nicole, we wish you and Bobby the very best with your wedding plans!! Don't be strangers, ok? :)


Studio222 Photography said...

Love his Rockband shirt!

Niki said...

Though I already held your photography in the highest regard possible, you FAR exceeded my expectations! You've stunned me yet again! You're the best Jensey & Nate, and I can't thank you enough for the amazing photographs! Have fun in France, and I will be contacting you when you get home to order some things :) **hugs**

Jensey! said...

Niki - I'm so glad you love them! :) We'll be in touch soon!