Sunday, November 23, 2008



That word seems so small and insignificant compared to what it means to me. I'm sitting here in my favorite place I've ever lived, in the same room with the man of my dreams and the cutest dog in the world. There are 4 suitcases and a camera bag waiting in the other room for us to jet off to Paris, France.. To shoot a wedding. Thankful... Please. That doesn't even start to cut it for me.

I'm constantly reminded that it takes a village to make things happen... Root Photography, especially. I think we're most thankful for Brian Adams, who got us in the business in the first place. It was by a chance meeting he met Nathan (who, all through college loved photography, but haaaaated shooting people) and saw something in him. I'm reminded every time I pick up my camera where it all started. Not only did Brian take Nathan under his wing and give him the hands-on experience he needed, but it was because of Brian's passion for the business that Nathan was able to see that this was the path he needed to take. Brian didn't just teach Nathan and stop there; he still serves as a constant mentor in our lives. He's become that big brother we sometimes take advantage of and don't call as often as we should, but he's always there for the important moments in our life, and always there to tell us how proud he is of us. We would not be here if it weren't for him, and that, quite frankly, blows my mind. Brian, we love you madly, and there's no other way to put it. I'm so happy you're a friend for life. Thank you.

We're thankful for our family who have all had parts to do with our success, from my father-in-law's support when Nathan announced he wanted to be a full-time photographer, to my mother-in-law's patience as our trips to visit become less and less as our business continues to grow. My siblings-in-law who let Nathan practice shooting them from the time they were born, to my sister, Amelia, who brags about us to our friends. My Mom has been such a help this year, for being such an amazing "Nanna" to Huck, whether taking him with no notice as we're running out the door because we forgot to let her know earlier, or her taking him for weeks at a time when we're traveling for work. As much as I get embarrassed about the extent Mom brags about me to everyone, it got us this wedding in France, so I promised I won't complain anymore. ;) Mom, thank you.

Thanks to our friends, the ones who have stuck with us through the years. I'm horrible with the phone, email, you name it (That's why Nathan's the contact person for the business..) and when we get busy, friend time is sometimes the first to go. This especially goes to Lorie, Jon, Brian, Amelia, and Nick... You guys are our rock when we need support and pillow when we need a soft place to land. We love you all, and are SO thankful.

To all of our clients.. We would not be here without each and every one of you. To all of you that have become friends, you serve as a constant reminder that this work isn't just about the pretty pictures, but the relationship between us and you. Thank you all for spreading the love and sending us to your friends, as word-of-mouth has become 90% of our business. We're eternally grateful for the fact that you love us and trust us not only with your weddings, but the weddings of people you love. Words can't express what we feel to you guys.. We look forward to shooting as many weddings as you let us through the years. I can't wait to stay in touch with you all and watch your lives grow. We love you all... Thank you.


lorie said...

i love you too. now hurry up and get to france. the eiffel tower is waiting!!!

Justin said...

What an awesome post, Jensey! The cool thing about you guys is that everyone who works with you is also thankful——thankful that you and Nathan are so talented, but more importantly, that you are so warm and nice to be around.

Have a wonderful trip!

Brian Adams said...

I seriously cried when I read this post. You guys are amazing and you mean so much to me. :) Now go and have a great trip!

Mari & Ant said...

You guys are so awesome, and we are equally as thankful to have peopl like you that go beyond their job and make us your friends. We love you guys and we pray that God continues to bless your business. Have fun in France!!

Jen, the cow hugger said...

Paris! How amazing!