Friday, November 21, 2008

Lana & Mike : Vow Renewal

I'm about to go to bed, but I just wanted to love on the blog a bit first! Lana and Mike decided to have a vow renewal here at Disney World, and Nathan and I were lucky enough to be given the chance to capture it!

She was taken to the Wedding Pavilion in this vintage car, driven by Dick. He's my favorite.
Lana's sister helping her gussy up.

Isn't she gorgeous??

Goin' to the chapel..
Another Lorie day! Yay! Nathan was afraid of me posting this, but I couldn't help myself. ;)
From the window of the Wedding Pavilion, the bride and groom can see Cinderella Castle while swapping vows. Nathan got this shot before the ceremony.. Doesn't she look epic?

Lana and Mike with their adorable little girl!
Told you she was cute!

The main reason we love having Lorie? (Kidding, of course. Well.. Sort of!) ;)
I'm still waiting to see an ugly Disney cake.

First dance love!

Lana and her daddy:
Mike and his mom:
The cake cutting got a 'lil messy...
Bouquet toss! (FYI- I ALWAYS spell bouquet wrong the first time. Always. The end.)

My favorite Disney DJ!
The end. :)


Anna said...

Great to see posts from you again! I've been following your blog for a looooong time, but commenting for the first time now.. I think! :) I love your work, and these photos are as great as always!

Jensey! said...

Anna, Thank you SO much for commenting! Things get a lil' lonely around here sometimes. ;)