Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kayla & Daniel : Engagement Part II

... And the session continues! A few days later, we wrapped up their shoot at a place Kayla found that had tons of trees. See? :)

I think I'll really be pushing colorful dresses from now on. I love how Kayla just shines in all these shots! :)

Kayla, I know Daniel prolly tells you all the time, but seriously.. You are gorgeous, Lady!

If you click the picture to go a little bigger, you can see them in the upper left frame. Darn small photos! (But YAY for the new blog!)
What's an engagement session without a little cheese? ;)

We went to a 2nd place that had this huuuuuuge tree like you see in the movies, and Kayla requested some feet dangling shots. I'm so happy she did! :)

Have I mentioned how much I love these kids?

My adorable husband. :)

Yay! Wedding post soon to come. :)

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Michelle Guzman said...

These are gorgeous!