Saturday, September 12, 2009

Carly & Aaron : Engagement

I've been extra excited to share this session with you guys. :) First off, Carly and Aaron found us through our now-buddies Carrie and Dan, so we knew right away they'd be awesome clients. When we asked them where they wanted to do their engagement session, Carly wrote back with 3-4 locations that meant something to them as a couple all in Clermont. We were so excited to go play at new places, and I'm ridiculously excited about how things turned out.

We started things off at the Citrus Tower, which Carly's uncle owns and she grew up going to.
Then we glanced across the parking lot and found this little beauty. I seriously hope to take a bride and groom here for photos someday. ;) This is my favorite, by the way!
Then we headed off to a park nearby...
Nathan setting up the shot...
... Bam! Carly, you have the cutest laughing face ever. :)

Warning to all of our future brides and grooms: If we pass something pirate-themed while shooting with you, I WILL make you pose like a pirate. :)
Aaaaaaand this is why they're our clients. ;)

Finally, Carly took us to the place Aaron proposed, which was also the place where they ended their first date. *Insert "awwwwww" here.* I won't go into the whole story, but it involved an airplane dragging a "Will you marry me?" banner. :)
FAVORITE. Wait... Did I already pick a favorite? Then it's a tie. :)

Carly & Aaron, see you guys SOON!


Carly said...

Happy Wedding Day to Meeeeee! haha. I'm a dork so I got up and checked my e-mail and facebook this morning and saw your status and the link to this. :o) YAAAAAAY!! I was cracking up looking at it because I could hear you saying all of your captions. Anyway, they look just as awesome this time around and I CANNOT WAIT to see you and Nathan this afternoon!

Rebecca Davenport said...

These look soooo great! I can't wait!

Mrs. Harn said...

These are amazing! I cant wait to see wedding pictures, I hear a rumor that ya'll got a good picture of my sister & I crying in the wedding... Thanks! I am getting a little teary looking at the engagement pics!