Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Ashley & Mark : Wedding

Ashley and Mark let us come all the way to shoot their New Orleans wedding. :)

You might remember that these guys had a rough start to their engagement shoot the day before their wedding, and unfortunately, the wedding day started out with a problem, too... Ashley was supposed to get to the venue a couple hours beforehand so we could do a first look with them and go around the French Quarter for photos, but there was a problem during hair and make-up that took much longer than expected. Luckily, Ashley being the calm bride she was, you never would have known things didn't go exactly as planned by her attitude. She was amazing to work with. :)

The wedding was held at Latrobe's, right in the heart of the French Quarter. If any of you happen to be looking to get married in New Orleans, you should check it out. And then call us. ;) When we first showed up to shoot, there was another couple walking around and looking at Latrobes for their future wedding date. The coordinator introduced us and told them we were flown in from Orlando, and we made some small talk. It turns out, the bride was the niece of one of our favorite DJs, Joe Magic, who also happens to be my Mom's neighbor! Small world. :)

On to the photos! Gotta love the cake topper...

As I mentioned in their engagement session post, Ashley and Mark were married during French Quarter Fest, which made the French Quarter absolutely packed! This is Ashley weeding through the crowds to get inside. :)
Ashley, you're gorgeous.
All the texture on the walls at Latrobe's made me weak at the knees. :)

Their ceremony was so dark and romantic... I mean dark in the light sense, of course. ;) There were candles everywhere and we were happy to have our MarkIIs to save the day!
My favorite. :)

They had a real New Orleans jazz band come in and play. :)
Even though we lost out on photo time before the ceremony, I'm so thankful we got a few minutes afterwards. :)

Their sweet first dance...

Latrobe's at night. :):):)
Instead of posting a shot from Ashley and Mark's cake cutting, I'm posting this one instead. :) Instead of a groom's cake, they had a birthday cake for Ashley's Mom, who's one of my favorite Moms of the bride of all time... She even gave us the first pieces of her cake. :)

Seriously... I love this location.

I'll spare you the colorful details of our walk back to the hotel from the wedding that night, but it included us almost being chased down the street by a street performer because my husband took a picture without seeing the "Photos $1" sign, as well as having to step over a trail of vomit on the sidewalk as a man was throwing up. It made me happy we live in Celebration and even happier when we got back to the hotel and I opened up the ridiculously perfect gift Ashley gave me as a thank-you gift... She's an avid blog stalker and took note of my love of Antropologie and office supplies, so she got me office supplies from Anthropologie. Ashley, I seriously use my "R" paperweight daily and have even bought a few for friends. :) Thank you guys so much for your amazing hospitality and bringing us out to capture your day! We can't wait to see you again! :)


lorie said...

The shot of Ashley in the doorway is freaking GORGEOUS!!!

At first it made me a bit jealous, then I just went back and flipped through some of our Paris photos, so I'm good now ;)

Magee-Lee Family said...

Thank you soooo much for the wonderfully sweet post and, of course, for the amazing photos. Everyone who knows us says you two captured Mark and me perfectly and we couldn't agee more. We are so very grateful to have found you and that you came all the way to New Orleans (and during the madness of French Quarter Fest!) for our wedding. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :)

Becka @Studio222 Photography said...

Spectacular and bonus Anthro points! :)

(I hear they're having a kick ass sale currently, we should go shopping together!)