Friday, September 25, 2009

Kayla & Daniel : Engagement Part I

Speaking of rained-out engagement sessions, let's move on to Kayla & Daniel! These self-proclaimed geeks found us on a wedding planner's site, and the only reason Kayla clicked to our website because our name is Root Photography and she has an obsession with trees. How cool is that? :)
I was already excited to see Kayla in a bright yellow dress, but when she pulled out the umbrella, it took me to the next level. :)
Of course, at this time, the umbrella was just a prop.. ;)

Can you think of a more fitting location for our "tree bride?" :)
Have I mentioned my husband loves to climb trees?
It totally pays off. :)

At this point the umbrella came in handy..

I know the next two are almost identical, but I love them both. :)

FAVORITE. One day, we'll add this to our canvas collection. :)
Since the session got rained out, we began part two the next day..


Becka @Studio222 Photography said...

That second to last one is magical with the moss blowing! Lovely.

Rebecca Davenport said...

Is it November yet!!!!!!

Olivia said...

They're all so dreamy, and I love Kayla's yellow dress!