Monday, April 27, 2009

Ashley & Mark : Engagement

Ashley found us online and asked us to travel and shoot her New Orleans wedding!

Ironically enough, she contacted us last year as we were leaving New Orleans after shooting Kari & Wes' engagement and bridal sessions, as well as April & Josh's maternity session! Of course we jumped at the chance and were excited to meet her a year later. :)

Ashley is probably the calmest bride ever. I can honestly say this, because there were so many things going wrong when we met them the day before her wedding, and she was still all smiles and laughing it off. :) We had planned to do both Ashley and Mark's engagement shoot and Huxley's baby shoot in the French Quarter, which we thought would be relatively empty on a Friday morning. Little did we know, until we got there, that it was French Quarter Fest and the streets were not only shut down, but packed with people! We ended up changing our meeting location closer towards downtown and played in some alleyways.

On Ashley and Mark's way to meet us from Baton Rouge, I believe they had a bird crash into their window, which caused Ashley to burst into tears. If that wasn't enough, when they got to New Orleans, they had to hunt for a parking spot and in the meantime, got sideswiped by a truck. The guy didn't stop, so Mark actually followed him and then had to stop to fill out a police report. Just as we were about to finally meet them and start shooting, Ashley had a wardrobe malfunction and had to run and buy some new shoes! I think any other bride would have had a meltdown right then and there, but she remained calm. :) She had a huge list of last minute things to do before the wedding, and despite all the setbacks, we were happy for the 30 minutes we had to see them. :)

Oh, and I forgot to mention how crazy windy it was!

My favorite!!
Who hasn't felt this way the day before their wedding??
It was about this time when Mark received a call saying his grandparents were waiting on his doorstep. In Baton Rouge. We wrapped things up pretty quickly after that. :)
I can't explain why, but this is my 2nd favorite from the session. :)

Ashley is adorable. :)

Off to bed, friends! Tomorrow's wedding starts at *cough* 6:30am *cough.*


Gabrielle said...

i LOVE the puddle shot :)

Jensey! said...

Thanks, Gabrielle! :)