Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nicole & Michael : Engagement

The next two posts are from Celebration engagements we've done recently.

The first is Nicole and Mike! Nathan actually knew Mike from his UCF days, and they were both photo geeks. :) When he got engaged, we were so flattered they chose us to shoot their wedding, and we're so very excited about it. They're getting married where we almost had our wedding reception, Casa Feliz, and they hired one of our favorite DJs, so we know it'll be a good one!

Anyway, on to the photos! They started out with a secret handshake they do when Nicole is nervous. I know... I'm pretty sure it doesn't get any cuter.

G o r g e o u s!
Can't you just feel the warm fuzzies in this one?

T-Rex, maybe?

Probably my favorite me-in-action shot!

Favorite. :)
Yay! We'll see you guys in October!!!!


Kayla said...

WOW, my favorite one is the last one. I love your style SO VERY much! You both are my heroes.

Michael Snead said...

Man. I am SO going to need a hair transplant :)

in company with sparkles said...

They are so darn cute!!!

Jensey! said...

Thanks, guys! (LOL @ Michael!)