Sunday, April 12, 2009

Root Family Easter :)

When I woke up this morning, I was thinking maybe the Easter Bunny left me some candy and a chocolate bunny, but I was not expecting a full-fledged egg hunt, in addition to a pink Easter basket containing a Canon 5D Mark II. :)
He did this on his own. No... Really.
The best part of the day was going to break in the new camera. :) We must have looked hilarious to Celebration residents driving by- Me and Nate with our 2 huge cameras photographing a 6 pound dog in a polo shirt. ;) This was my first photo taken with my new camera! It's one of my all time favorites of Huck Finn... I love how it almost looks like a school portrait. :)
Huck and his crazy eyes!
Nathan, of course, grabbed the epic shot of the evening.
As well as this one... It's on my list to start capturing Huck's details- His snout, ears, paws, tail... Everything. I want to capture everything about this little guy. :)
I never, ever thought I could love an animal so much. He really is our baby!

Bahahahahhahaha. :)
My two favorite boys. :)
The end. :)
We hope you all had a safe, happy, and chocolate-filled Easter!

Love, The Roots. <3


throughHislens said...

yay new gear!

awesome shots :)

Lana said...

The Easter Bunny Rocks!! Also love al the photos of Huck, he is so adorable.

Rebecca Davenport said...

so precious!

Casi said...

I heart you guys. I love your dog he is the coolest and I love the picture of Huck and Jensey cause he looks like he loves her a lot :) Miss you Jensey!

Brooke B. said...

I know exactly how you feel. That is exactly how Chris and I feel about our three dogs or as I like to call them, "fur-kids".

catalina said...


I'm friends with Amy. You and your husband take great pictures. I love the ones of Huck! He is sooo cute, I want to get pictures of my boyfriend, our two yorkies and I for Christmas cards.

Hope to meet you soon!

in company with sparkles said...

He is just ridiculously cute!

Ashton31 said...

Well this is just precious!!!!

Miss Marie said...

He's so cute. He really looks like a little toy!
Happy Easter Roots!

Christy J. said...

I can't stop looking at your dog.

Mikkel Paige said...

Is that dog ADORABLE or what?!!

Anonymous said...

your dog has to be THE CUTEST dog on the entire planet! :)