Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jackie & Jeff : Wedding

On to Grand Floridian couple #2!

Jackie and Jeff are just plain fun people. It's impossible to be around Jeff and not smile. :)
Jackie helped me fall in love with fiddle head ferns. Seriously- How happy is this bouquet?
One of my favorite bridal shots-

It was during this wedding that our groom passed out at the alter! I'm so happy it happened before the ceremony. Nathan was up front about to shoot the bridesmaids coming down the aisle when it happened, and he clicked a couple of photos. He felt so bad about it, but it is our job to capture everything, and if I were Jackie, I would have wanted to see what happened!

I asked Jeff if I was allowed to blog the following photos, he said it was fine to do a public service announcement: "Just remind everyone to eat something and don't lock your knees...
... Or to at least have someone else go down also." Yep. A groomsman went down, as well, and had to sit out the ceremony! It was crazy. Luckily everyone was fine, and in all seriousness, I can't imagine anyone handling it better than Jeff. He was laughing about it all afternoon, and it was such a testament to his character! So future brides and grooms, eat your breakfast and don't lock your knees!!

These guys just make me smile! :)


My love! :)

Their reception colors were peacock-feather inspired. LOVE it.

Beautimous! I'm always amazed to see the transformation of these ballrooms.
First dance to Jason Mraz's "Lucky."

This flower girl came to life when Mickey and Minnie came in. It was the cutest thing. :)
A different kinda ring shot -

The end! :)


Patrick and Brooke said...

I found your blog recently and just wanted to say that I love your work. I love your editing style, classic and elegant, its so timeless. I love the old-fashioned touches. My husband and I are aspiring professional photographers and just getting started - you guys are a great inspiration. Thanks!

Rach S said...

That's the cutest ring shot ever!!

Studio222 Photography said...

OMG! I can't believe it happened to two of them! It may have been embarrassing but it is something they'll laugh about for years and years! :)

And those ring shots are fab!

Lisa Lu said...

That bouquet is the most beautiful bouquet I have ever seen.

The table arrangments. Love it.

I think the pic of the ring on Minnie's nose, is one of my favorite pics.

Jeff said...

I must say.. What a super sexy couple.

These again remind me how lucky we were to find you guys and have you be part of our special day.

I have said it before and will say it again.

You guys ROCK!!!

The Groom
(the fainter)


Crystal said...

That's the best bouquet ever -- it's the first one to make me wish I'd had one! :) Beautiful pictures, as always :) I changed my work screensaver today to randomize through pictures, probably had it up for a couple of minutes a couple of times, and had at least three people walk by after I got back and comment on the pictures -- I might have to nix the pictures to get any work done, but I like having them cause they make me smile! :)

Lacey K said...

Yep, pretty much jealous of those ring shots!

Amelia said...

I'm normally not really phased about reception colors and arrangements and things, but I think the reception at this wedding looks absolutely beautiful !! :)

Jensey! said...

Thanks for the bagillion comments, y'all!

Patrick & Brooke - Thanks for stopping by!! :)

So glad everyone likes the ring shots!

Jeff- No, YOU guys rock!

Crystal- I'm so happy your wedding photos are distracting you at work! :) Well, I think you guys should get a bouquet and we'll do a minor trash the dress somewhere cool with you. :)

Amelia- It WAS beautiful. :)