Saturday, May 09, 2009

Carrie & Dan : Wedding

So, uh, just so you know... There are a lot of photos in this post!

Every now and then a couple comes along that we just magically click with. Not just on a photographic standpoint, but in the 'oh my gosh, how have we lived in the same city and never met eachother' sort of way. You know. Carrie and Dan were such a couple, and from the moment we met them in Starbucks for the first time and Carrie mentioned she, too, has an unhealthy obsession with the Christmas holiday, well... It was love at first sight.

I was SO thrilled when we got the email that they wanted us for their wedding day, and I was looking forward to it ever since. :)

Carrie's wedding day shoes actually reminded me of mine!
Hello, gorgeous!

Carrie's good friend actually did her flowers as a wedding gift. Now that's a good gift.

As if we couldn't love them any more, Carrie and Dan opted for a first look. As you guys know, that makes me love them about 30% more. :)
Still my favorite. You just can't beat an emotional groom. :)

Kids are always cute at weddings, but lately we've been having some really, really good looking ones that could totally do it for a living. ;)
This was the first time we were ever included on a family shot list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Warm fuzzy OVERLOAD.
Taking a minute alone.
I love that Dan was glowing as Carrie walked down.

Married! :)

I think Dan was still laughing at the memory of me telling him to "stand more like a man" on their engagement session. I promise I'm typically nice to our grooms! ;)
Their first dance was a fancy ballroom dance that I could never do with a million years of practice. They glided across the floor like pros without that look of deep thought and even held a complete conversation. It was pretty much amazing.

They even let us take them out again for photos during the reception before sunset.

My other favorite. :)
The end. :)

Carrie & Dan, we're so happy to have you as part of the Root family and can't wait to see you again!

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Carly said...

Yaaaaay! Bravo! Carrie and Dan are my favorite "Goofy Couple"! They are wonderful for many other reasons, but mostly they are goofy and they love each other. And thanks to them I have super cool and endearingly awkward favorite photographers as well!

Jensey, I am still so sorry I awkwardly talked to you in the BATHROOM at this wedding... but I really wanted to talk to you!

Also, a cute side note, Aaron is checking up on your blog now too!