Monday, May 04, 2009

Paige & Matthew : Engagement

So, with this blog, I really do try to post a lot. I like getting every wedding up there, and most engagement shoots. Every now and again, I won't post a shoot if we've done a billion in one location in a short amount of time, or if I just plain forget to add them to my list. I treat this blog very loosely- I don't post chronologically, and I don't post everything. If I see a couple's name on my list and I know they'll be a quick post on a busy day, I'll maybe do them first, or if I suddenly remember a bunch of details from someone else's wedding day, maybe I'll do them.

Maybe that makes me a bad blogger, but if I had to be stressed out with rules like that, this blog would become homework, not a personal photo journal.

It doesn't mean that I like some couples more or less, it just means that I'm Jensey. :)

Anyway, it wasn't until I was about to post a preview of Paige & Matthew's wedding day that I realized I forgot to post their engagement session! *slaps face.*

I would have said for this photo that I'm sure Paige was going to make a gorgeous bride, but now I can officially say that Paige was a gooooooooorgeous bride!


At their wedding reception, they had their guests sign a huge matted print of this photo, which looked awesome!

Random fact: Both Paige and Matthew are over 6 feet tall. :)

I love the random grungy pockets of Park Avenue!

Then they let us drag them to a parking garage...

Favorite #2!

Yay! Wedding preview to come tomorrow. :)


Magee-Lee Family said...

Aww. I think you're a GREAT blogger! I'm amazed you find the time with how busy y'all are!

Anonymous said...

Im addicted to your blog! Love the stories, love the images -- love everything! You do an AMAZING job, Jensey!

Lorie said...

Jensey, you and your blog are amazing!! Although I don't comment often, I stalk it regularly. No normal person would be able to journal their adventures with as little free time as you have, so thank you for sharing.

Lin said...

Keep using that "homework pass." Your blog is so much fun to read and view because it's a little piece of you.