Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stacy & Brian : Wedding

Yet another photo-heavy post. :)

So, some of you may remember that for the past year or so, we'd occasionally have my friend Lorie come along as our assistant at weddings. It was a good run, but Lorie had to go and get a real job, which left us assistant-less. Enter my charming, beautiful, (and somehow still single!) little sister, Amelia.
(I can post that photo since she's family. Love it!) But seriously, I can't think of a better first wedding for her to be a part of; Beautiful, happy, oh-so-in-love couple, bridal party that paid attention to us, nice families, other Root couples in attendance, reception at Casa Feliz, aka our what-would-have-been wedding reception location before we ran off and eloped all romantic like.. :)

Meet Brian, the crazy cute groom-

This is when the wedding day was at it's peak craziness... Stacy ran in with the bridesmaids, threw on her dress (well, laced it, I guess) and the ceremony started right away.

(Please ignore the blob to the left of the frame!)

One of my favorites. :)

Just a guess here, but I'm thinking this is Brian's "holy goodness, my wife looks gorgeous" face.

I love, love, LOVE this shot. Jamie, who got married a few weeks after Stacy, was a bridesmaid and took pictures of us shooting Stacy. We never get shots of both of us at work, so this was a happy surprise when she emailed it to us! :)
This is what Nathan was getting-
Et moi...
The ever-beautiful Casa Feliz!
The even more beautiful couple...

My favorite of Amelia's shots for the day!

I was in love with how well her centerpieces went with the feel of the house.

Favorite! This was as they were being announced to their first dance. :)

Stacy with her Daddy-
Brian and his Mom-

The next few photos are an ode to one of our favorites, Kelly, who never ceases to make me laugh down to my toes. :)

This is her husband, Mike, workin it out on the mic. She's his biggest fan. :)
Every now and then bouquet tosses become serious business. :)

Last dance!
Stacy & Brian, thank you for making everything so easy! We love you guys!


A-T-G said...

Beautiful pics! That wedding looks like a blast!

Brena said...

Love the staircase pic!

Adam S said...

1. Holy crap Amelia looks exactly like you with blonde hair.

2. Great color effect on the bouquet toss.

3. I love when you guys shoot bright blue stuff. It doesn't happen often, but when you do, it comes out SO bold. It's awesome.

Stacy said...

Thanks for making our day so memorable! We had a blast with y'all and can't wait for the next opportunity to have you capture our moments. I can't stop looking at them and can't wait to get some prints up! You 2 rock!!!

Anonymous said...

helllllo beautiful pictures! love love love the pic right before the reception details!

Amelia said...

Loved coming along to help you and Nate, especially at such a beautiful wedding :) .. apparently I need to be more aware of the silly faces I make at you two, on account of they may be posted online for the entire world to see. Love you, sissy !! <3

Darrah said...

Saw a picture of Emille and Nick that you took in Central Florida Bride today! :)

lorie said...

Oh the memories! I would definitely love to skip work and shoot with you most days... even the ones that require me to wake up at 5am on the weekends :)

Studio222 Photography said...

What a gorgeous and fun wedding. Love the rearview mirror shot! . Let's see each other sometime soon!

Koontz Photography said...

Your photos never cease to amaze me. Each wedding you have a new unique pose or way of capturing something. You're a constant source of inspiration

Arghyakusum said...

You moved me Root!!...
I don't know how to express my gratitude but You've just moved my mind and heart.My id is here... Please keep inform me everyday when You upload Your sweetest art of the World.
Just wanna say that.."THANK YOU"