Saturday, October 03, 2009

Justine & Roger : Wedding

Justine and Roger found us through the one and only Tracy Marini of Eventfully Yours. :) Their wedding was held at the Lake Mary Events Center here in Central Florida.

The heat was just horrible on their wedding day, so we tried to keep the photos inside as much as possible.
I am beyond happy that so many of our couples are putting photos first and opting for the first look!

Because Justine and Roger like their guests, they kept their ceremony indoors. ;)
Family portrait with their adorable son. :)

I love this shot of her parents looking on...
The light in this room made the photos so easy.

Then this happened...

Some of the guests were having a ball playing with the curtains. :)

We went out with them again to grab some shots during sunset.

Favorite. :)

Tracy Marini looking on.

This guest really got the party started. :)

Doing the shopping cart. ;)
I have no idea how many juice boxes Nate and I went through, but it made for a good photo op with Tracy. :) She really does like us, though... I think. ;)

When the shoes come off, you know they mean business.
The night ended with this...
... A giant mosh pit.
Even the father of the bride joined in. ;)

Woohoo! The end. :)


Charlotte said...

Adorable couple. Amazing photos. Only one problem... they're Gator fans :( Go Vols!

throughHislens said...

Love this set you two!

Keep it up :)

Dennis Bullock said...

These are all so great guys!

Becka @Studio222 Photography said...

You guys rocked it out. I love the one of their hands at sunset. Beautiful!

Carly said...

These shots are gorgeous... LMEC was a CLOSE second for us. sigh. This kind of makes me want to have another ceremony there! I love it!

Michelle Guzman said...

Beautiful work. I love the location.