Saturday, July 04, 2009

Lorie & Jon : Pre-Anniversary

One year from TODAY, my long-time friend, Lorie, will be marrying the man of her dreams. In Africa. Have I mentioned we're totally gonna be there? :D

So, as much as I should do a red, white, and blue "go America" sparklers and hot dogs post, I'm instead dedicating today's post to my best friend Lorie.


Here's a preview of the photos we got of them in Paris, France on their engagement shoot last November. :)


Lorie said...

This makes me so happy!!! Jensey you are AMAZING and I love you! I also love that when you click on the image, it's called Awesomeness :)

Woo hoo!! We're going to Africa!!!

Stef's Blog said...

this post was a tease!!!

Studio222 Photography said...

Paris and Africa? That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

There's nothing more American than love! -Captain America

Jessica said...

I've loved Lorie and Jon from the second I met them both. And I miss them terribly but am unbelievably excited for them!!! P.S. ive been stalking your blog for a while and I love it too!
~Jess (lorie's former co-worker)