Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ashley & Jay : Engagement

I'm actually sitting here at our gate at the airport! I realized I've been slacking on the blog front lately and thought I'd do a quick post before we head to Denver. By the way, we'll be out of the office from, well, 2 hours ago to Monday night. Hooray!

Ashley and Jay are a lovely couple getting hitched this October. :)

Did I mention that Ashley is stunning? Because she totally is.
I never feel creepy when we're shooting engagements... That is, until I'm squatting in a bush to get a good shot. :)

One for Mom & Dad. :)

The love of my life! This was my view...
... This was his view. :)
We were informed that if Nathan was to fall, we were in good hands, as Jay is a doctor and Ashley a nurse! :) I don't know how it woulda helped seeing as he would have fallen *on* them, but still!

Don't you take epic romantic walks on railroad tracks every day?

Nathan and I have a gift for bringing out the crazy in everyone! :)

I love this whole series...

Foot pops are my favorite.

Hooray! Happy engagement, kids! :)


Emma Graham said...

Your photos are so beautiful! I've recently become a "blog stalker" and I just love your work! Where is the ivy wall?? Its beautiful. I photograph plants and especially ivy as a hobby, and I would just love to get my lens on that wall! Haha well anyway, long post for being a silent stalker! Keep up the amazing work!!

Holly Hallmark said...

Wow, that whole Bush/Wall scene was amazing! I loved those

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS! gorgeous people, gorgeous angles, gorgeous (GORGEOUS) locations! is that romantic celebration?!

Jensey! said...

Emma! I'm so happy you said hello! :) That gorgeous ivy wall is at Rollins College in Winter Park. If you shoot us an email, I'd be more than happy to give you exact details! :)

Holly - Thank you!! I'm such a sucker for ivy walls. :)

Misty - THANK YOU!!! That is actually beautiful Winter Park! :)

daniel lateulade said...

Beautiful set! I especially love the first image!