Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kendra & Rick : Preview

Seriously, between Kayla & Daniel and Kendra & Rick, we're feeling like the luckiest photographers in the world. I don't know how we luck out with such amazing clients, but this was one of my all time favorite shooting weeks. :)

Kendra & Rick were married in the Japanese pavilion at Walt Disney World. :)
And reception followed at one of my all time favorites, The Attic at Disney's Boardwalk. :) Characters and cute kids were involved.

*sigh.* :)
Perfect ending to the perfect wedding of a perfect couple. :)
Kendra & Rick, have a magical honeymoon, and Kendra, I look forward to seeing your face in December!! ;)


Carriatrick! said...


That is all.

Kendra said...

Carrie, I second that! :)

I'm in love with the Donald pic!

Thank you Nathan and Jensey for being so incredibly awesome!!