Monday, July 13, 2009

Christmas in July : Sale!

I love Christmas. And Huckleberry. And our clients. So here is Huckleberry helping me announce this year's ginormous Christmas in July sale from July 24-26, so our clients can fill their homes with lovely photos from happy days. Happy Christmas in July!! :)


Sara-Jayne said...

Hey... :) I did send Nate an email but I know how busy you two are! I asked about the canvas and prints in my email ~ I can never figure out where to order them... am I just losing my marbles?

Summer hugs!

Sara-Jayne, Casanova and Excalibur

Jensey! said...

Sara-Jayne : We're writing you about this soon! :)


Sara-Jayne said...

Hey Jensey! :)

Hooray! Hip, hip hooray!


Sara-Jayne :)