Monday, June 29, 2009

Engagement Previews!

So, this was the first year we said no to engagement sessions in the summer, and boy, has it made all the difference! I remember going out once a week last year and sweating our butts off, no one wants to be lovey on eachother.. What a mess! We're engagement session free this summer, with the exception of these 2 wonderful couples, and 2 more next month. We're so lucky!!

Here's a sneak peek from Sarah & Ryan's session a few weeks ago- They came down from NY and got engaged during their visit! :)

And here's Kayla & Daniel... The 2nd half of their session got rained out today, so we're picking up where we left off tomorrow. I am, however, in LOVE with so many from today it was hard to narrow it down! :)

This one looks soooo much better when you click for the larger version:
Hooray! More previews to come soon. :)


Sara-Jayne said...

I guess I was one of the hot and sweaty ones! I love Kayla's dress in that favourite shot!

Jensey! said...

Aww, but we were hot and sweaty together, Sara-Jayne! :)

I love her dress, too!

Lacey K said...

Love the last one!

Morgan said...

Is that Fort Wilderness? Those photos look ah-mazing!

I love both girls' dresses. I almost bought Kayla's for our engagement party but I decided I wanted to wait and possibly buy it for engagement photos. Nice to see that it photographs so well! :)

Kayla said...

The dress is from JCrew if anyone is not sure. :D

We love the photos so far and are speechless really. And wow - it was almost surreal to come to the blog, as I do each day, but this time see our photos. :)

- Kayla

Studio222 Photography said...

was it raining in that last one?

Titan said...

There can only be ooonneee!!!!

Jensey! said...

Lacey - Thanks, Lady! :)

Morgan - Thank you so much!! The first set of photos is from the Grand Floridian, the 2nd from Winter Park. :)

Becka/Nate - Were y'all not aware of the freak snow storm we got here last month?? I kid, I kid. ;) Yeah, our session got rained out and we were running back to the car. :)