Monday, January 11, 2010

Jillian : Family Session

Adam and Jenn have been a huge part of our Root Photography history. :) They were the first "official" booking we made (or, I should say Nathan made at that time) as they were a referral through his very first wedding, the only one I didn't shoot with him! Their engagement session was the first session I ever came along on as Nathan's assistant, and it was that session that made us realize I had a knack for this photography thing! We never shot apart after that, so I will always hold a soft spot for these two.

After shooting their wedding, we became friends and kept in touch, and we even lived in a couple of their rental properties after a while. They were one of the first of our clients to have a baby, and we've really enjoyed watching little Jillian grow up. She is every bit her parents' child, with Jenn's good looks and Adam's affinity to Apple products. ;) I was so excited to meet up with these guys, and we were able to do their would-have-been-rained-out session at the Gaylord Palms, instead. :)

Pretty sure families don't get better looking than this!

Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite! :)

Love this, too. :)

Jillian and the love of her life- Adam's iPhone. :)

Adam, Jennifer, and Jillian- We love you guys!!!!!!! :)


Jenn said...

We love you guys, too!

Thank you so much for being our EYE through the years.

We have so many memories with the both of you and hopefully more in the future!


Sara-Jayne said...

Beautiful photos! I think you should do more family sessions (hint, hint). I love the colours and she's so adorable!!!

mrsksomeday said...

Jillian is so precious!! The entire family is gorgeous. I love how you capture the greatest expressions.