Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kelly & Gregg : Just Married!

Kelly and Gregg contacted us back in May to shoot some photos of them at the Boardwalk during their honeymoon. This was right in the beginning of Orlando's rainy season, so unfortunately, the shoot was postponed. Luckily they came back to visit again and we were able to make something happen! :)

How cute are these lovebirds? :)
Kelly said she starts every morning by kissing Gregg's forehead...

Gotta break out the wedding Mouse Ears!

Gregg's a deputy, so they also brought along some handcuffs!

Kelly and Gregg, congrats, and enjoy being newlyweds! :)

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mrsksomeday said...

Love the mouse ears, love the handcuffs. What a fantastic couple. I think kissing his forhead every day is adorable. Great pictures! You captured their love for one another perfectly.