Friday, December 18, 2009

Erin & Aaron : Wedding

Ready for another gorgeous Disney wedding? :)

Let's kick things off with some awfully cute Roots in our traditional mirror shot... ;)
This was the view from Erin's room as she got ready at the Contemporary. I was just a little bit jealous...
Here's Erin looking fabulous before even putting on the dress... Our favorite make-up artist, Patricia LeJeune, did a magical job as always bringing out Erin's natural beauty. :)

I love this one of Aaron getting ready. And yes, these guys really are Aaron and Erin. I LOVE it.
Yet again, this couple rocked my face off by opting for the "first look!"

I love watching couples practice their first dance. :)

Without any prompting, Aaron clicked his heels...
... And then Erin tried to, as well, but apparently ended up flying, instead. ;)

One of my favorite pictures of one of my favorite structures. :)
I was in looooooove with Erin's ceremony details:

Erin, I love your laugh! :)

Their reception was held here. Well... Not *in* here, though I guess that'd be cool, too...

Disney cakes, you WIN.

Their choreographed first dance was to an instrumental song from Ratatouille.
Erin's Mom stepped up to the mic to present her gift to the couple...
... This amazing, amazing quilt she spent months months on! I believe she picked this pattern because it made her think of fireworks, and Erin and Aaron ended their reception with Epcot's Illuminations. So cute! Erin's mom made US a quilt, as well, which was even Christmas themed, 'cause apparently I'm not shy about the fact I'm a little obsessed... I cried, and I think she wins the "Root Mom of 2009" award. Oh, man, we should TOTALLY give awards like that every year. :)
Then these wedding crashers arrived...
I love this one of me & Erin testing Nate's lighting. I really wanna start taking more photos of me and my beautiful brides!
And what are mouse pictures without a little cheese? ;)

This was our 1st photo ever with Mickey, Minnie, the bride, and groom!!!! I requested we all make mouse ears, just incase you were wondering. ;)

I love this location when random scuba divers drop by to say hello...
How cute is this?!
So, this is where Erin just hands down wins. She had a photo shoot in the parks scheduled the morning after her wedding. Then another photo shoot with us afterwards in Celebration! So she wasn't gonna let a little bit of rain ruin her big day. And by a little bit of rain, I mean a complete hurricane-like torrential downpour. It was raining so hard, I was holding an umbrella over Nate so he could shoot, and he and our camera equipment got completely drenched anyway. I love their 100% genuine smiles here. :)


It was such an intense, wonderful ending to our last shoot in Epcot since new rules don't allow non-Disney photographers to photograph in the park anymore. I'll be crossing my fingers that they end up changing that soon enough, but if not, we've had such a great time working with amazing couples in my favorite location ever. We didn't know at the time of the wedding, but we were able to make it back to Epcot for one more approved shoot, which ended up being my favorite engagement session of the year. What a way to end that chapter. :)


Gabrielle said...

These shots are all WONDERFUL!!!! <3 ya guys

Ashton31 said...

The wedding photos are beautiful, but I have to say that first Root Mirror Shot is PRECIOUS!!

Erin said...

Hooray!!! You guys made this day sooo amazing! Thank you so much for everything!

Karen said...

You do absolute fabulous work!

Rebecca Davenport said...

I love that I am your favorite engagement shot!!!! WHOO HOOO!!ol