Friday, December 11, 2009

WDW Day! :)

In honor of Nate and I taking a mini-vacation to Disney World this weekend, here are some quick favorites from our last park outing! We went with my little sister and my two favorite Non-Nate guys in the world- Bradley & Brian! :)

Probably my all time favorite photo of me & my gorgeous little sister. :)

It's my mother-in-law! *Ba dum dum!*

I don't know what we were high-fiving to, but I love it anyway. ;)

Lights, Motors, Action! We totally saw a minor accident during the show and they had to stop it and everything! I'll make Nate upload it later. :)

We were about to play Toy Story Mania! I totally won, by the way.

One of the most random moments ever... We were walking by the American Idol Experience and they were live-streaming the show inside. The next girl to sing was the little sister of one of Nate's good friends from college! Small world. ;)

Only my husband can get a shot like this from riding the Monorail.

Hello, old friend.

My favorite princess!

Right when we were exiting Splash Mountain, Wishes started! The photo on the right is from the Splash queue. It's a shame it's a permanent queue, because I think it'd make the cutest reception location! :)

Amelia reminding me of Charlie Brown's Lucy. :)

'Cause we had to! :)
Eek! Now I'm extra excited about this week. :)

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Amanda said...

Thank you for posting these :) What a happy post today!