Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rebecca & Joe : Preview

I'm so excited to share this preview with you from Rebecca & Joe's VIP Walt Disney World engagement session. :) I think their session is my personal favorite from 2009, seeing as it was the perfect mix of an amazing, super-fun and happy couple-now-friends, great weather, and our favorite locations to shoot!

Then we headed for a spin at my old workplace... :)
Precious. :)
Rebecca claims it's Photoshop, but this is just old-fashioned good looks, if you ask me. :)
I'm so excited to share the rest of these with you guys once the new blog is live....... :):):) ºoº


Chandler Bing said...

Can the Roots BE any more awesome?

Rebecca Davenport said...

When did this get here!?!? I love it. I spent 4 hours on the site tonight looking at our pics! I love all of them!!!

mrsksomeday said...

Those pictures are gorgeous. I love WDW shoots!! What a beautiful couple.

Grandma DD said...

I loved all of the pictures that Becky shared with us. We are a picture family and your work is simply fantastic. She sent me your blog site over a year ago and said you have just got to see their work. I wish I could have met you at the wedding. There's never enough time to do everything you want to do. Rebecca's mom, Donna