Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Justin & Lu : Honeymoon

Today is Lu's birthday, so I thought it was an appropriate time for their first appearance on the blog! We shot Justin & Lu's killer wedding before this session, but you're gonna have to wait to see that post. ;)

We met up with Justin and Lu a couple of days after their wedding when they were honeymooning at Walt Disney World. I'll get into much more detail about them later on, but basically, I'm obsessed with this couple. No... Really.

Love their shoes!

Justin took our picture. :)
I love when Nathan climbs a tree to grab a killer shot...
Seriously. How can you not fall in love with these guys??

Favorite. :)
I think everyone should feel like this on their honeymoon!

My other favorite. :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LU! We'll see you next week!!!!!!!!!


Darcie Bruce said...

awesome photos.. do you use the totally rad action set?

Jensey! said...

I couldn't live without it! :)