Monday, December 01, 2008

Bethany & Adam : Engagement

Bethany found us through a past bride, but in a small-world moment, it turns out her sister used to be my Mom's manager at Disney! 

We had so much fun meeting Bethany and Adam, and since they met working in the same library, it was only appropriate that's where their e-session took place!

Favorite! :)

Adam's last name is "Stone," so we thought this was cute. :)

My favorite thing about Adam.. He needs a minute of preparation to get his serious face ready, and can only hold it 5 seconds or so before busting out laughing! :)

Bethany and Adam, we can't wait for your wedding day! :)


Bethany said...

Yay - we are so excited to see some of the pictures - thanks for posting them while you're traveling the world :) Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!!

Anna said...

Beautiful photos! Love the one with Romancing the Stone! :D

Studio222 Photography said...

Oh I'm jealous. I've been dying for a bookish couple to shoot in a library with! :) always!

Jensey! said...

Thanks, guys! Nathan and I are suckers for unique situations and were so lucky Bethany thought of it! :)