Tuesday, December 02, 2008


This guy was helping a puppet sing and dance for money in the Metro.. But really, what does a puppet need money for? 
Nate (and I quote), "Making my own damn art." In Paris' Museum of Modern Art which.. Well.. More on that to come later. :)  Can we all please take a minute to ooh and ahh at my lovely coat? Thank you.

Even though I'm here...

... I'd sort of rather be here. :(  Huckleberry Elias, I'm so very excited to celebrate your birthday this week!
(Yes, that's my wedding dress in the background!)


Anonymous said...

a) your coat really is fabulous!
b) you have just confirmed every dream of grant & i having a pet dog! =)

ps-- we would love to get together again at some point! i know the holidays are coming, but if you need someone to share your travel pics with, we are 100% game! hope you have a safe flight back!

lorie said...

lol!!! Love that you saw Kurt Cobain and went to Paris' MOMA! Was he still singing "Heart Shaped Box"?

Jonathan said...


I know exactly how you feel. Why do other people get to play with toys all day and call it art? I can make art...anyone have any legos?

Jensey! said...

Misty! Oh my gosh.. Huck has Nate and I rapped around his little paw. I hated being away from him, and I think he missed me, considering he hasn't left my side all day. :) We should try to meet up soon!!

Mom said...

Jensey, YOU look great! I think there's a little Audrey in you... whether you're in Paris when it sizzles or drizzles.