Friday, May 02, 2008

New Orleans 2008

Here's a quick review of our trip to Nola last month! :)

Only in the Disney area would you see things like this written where you fill up!

All good photographers take pictures like this when starting on a road trip...
We were walking to lunch one day when we go down this random alley and see tons of camera equipment.. Movie set lights, stands, etc. We came back from lunch to get more shots of it , but everything was gone. Apparently they were filming a movie there just hours before, and we missed it!

Loooooooove this shot!
And this one..
I've become obsessed with locks, ok? ;)

My favorite from the trip..See you next year, New Orleans! ;)


Lorie said...

Love these! Yall are too cute!!! I also love what I think is a homeless musician's sign. Does he change the dog's name regularly?

April said...

Your favorite picture reminds me of "Big" with Tom Hanks!

jenseylove said...

Lorie- I have NO idea, but he had like 4 dogs. Seeing as we never carry cash, I wasn't able to see Mojo work his magic. ;) But yes, I'm thinking the names change frequently!

April- I totally agree! Love that movie. :)

tiffany said...

these pictures brought tears to my eyes. i lived in new orleans for a very short time and i loved it. i've always regret leaving. but this was a few years before katrina. i could never muster the never to go back after the hurricane afraid that the city i love could never be repaired. your pictures have given me a new hope. now my family and i are considering the move back. thank you so much!
T. Fraley