Monday, May 12, 2008

Melissa & Mike - Engagement

Whew! Nate and I are back from SC, and trying to cram in a weeks' worth of work into... well... tomorrow! We had such a great time, and as dorky as it sounds, I'm so excited to start working on photos from this weekend's wedding! :)

Before I go to bed, here are some photos from Melissa & Mike's engagement, a shoot we did a couple weeks ago. Melissa was so bubbly to be around, and you can't help but notice Mike is head over heels for her! They met when Mike was on a trip with one of their mutual friends. The friend called Melissa to talk, and somehow, Mike ended up getting the phone, and the two talked for over an hour. That was followed by another long phone call, and then another... And before you knew it, Mike and Melissa were engaged!
This one might be my favorite:

Melissa and Mike, thanks for hanging out with us, and best of luck with your wedding plans!!


Justin said...

Nice! Are they at the Polynesian Resort? (I'm seeing Disney World everywhere in anticipation of our upcoming wedding.)

jenseylove said...

Actually, they were taken at the Grand with the Polynesian in the background. :)