Thursday, May 08, 2008

Kristen & Pippin - Engagement

This is just a really quick post.. Nathan and I leave for South Carolina tomorrow! In the next two weeks, we have 4 weddings in 4 states! Please be patient with us as we do our best to keep up with phone calls and emails!

I can't say enough good things about Kristen and Pippin... They live in Atlanta and came down to Clearwater to get married. :) We met them a couple days before their big day to do an engagement shoot!

Then they trashed the engagement dress... :)

My favorite!!
More from their wedding & honeymoon coming up next! :)


meg said...

beautiful, and steamy.

Mari & Ant said...

This engagement shoot is amazing. It makes me want to have another session with you guys. It looks so sexy and so well done. You guys are awesome!!

Valley Girl said...

Gorgeous! Makes me wanna get married. =(

Grant & Misty Thompson said...

WOW! love that last one =)

jenseylove said...

Meg- Agreed! :)

Mari & Ant- I'm so happy you like them! I'll be posting their wedding soon, which we loved as well! I think another session with you guys could totally be arranged!

Valley Girl- Thank you for the comment.. There's always single & fabulous photo shoots! ;)

Grant & Misty- Thank you!! It's my personal fave as well! ;)

KayV6 said...

that last one is hot!

Anonymous said...

Oh Krissy... gorgeous pictures! Congrats on the wedding!


Ashton31 said...

Gorgeous Photos!! I can't wait to see ours that we had done on the beach!

jenseylove said...

kayv6- I know!!

Missie- So glad you liked the photos!

Ashton- Me too! SC events are being edited as we speak, so hopefully they'll be online SOON! :)