Monday, January 21, 2008

Lauren & Chad - Engagement

This past fall, Nathan and I made a trip up to Memphis for Lauren and Chad's engagement session. I was so excited that Lauren wanted her session when the leaves were changing! I can honestly say that's the one thing I miss the most about living in Tennessee. This was Nathan's first time to REALLY see the leaves in full color, and I think he spent the bulk of the drive with a huge grin on his face, hanging out the window with a camera!

Lauren and I went to middle school together and she saw our work on Facebook! :) Chad is a total sweetheart, and they really do make a great couple. We're so excited for their wedding this June, as I'm always happy for an excuse to visit old friends!

So, the wind started blowing and I had this genius idea to gather a big ball of leaves and drop it over them as they were kissing. This was attempt one, where basically the ball didn't unravel at all, and instead just fell right on them. Oops! :)

Attempt two was a little more graceful, but still not quite what I'd envisioned. Next time, perhaps! :)

Florida should seriously re-think the whole not-changing seasons thing. :)

This last one reminds me of Versailles in France. Of course, on a much smaller scale! ;)

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