Friday, January 25, 2008

Caitlin & Shaun - Proposal & Engagement!!

Around Thanksgiving last year, Nathan got a call from a friend of a past groom asking us to do an engagement session for him and his soon-to-be fiancee. Shaun was so sweet and was working really hard on planning the perfect proposal for Caitlin, and wanted to give the engagement session to her as a gift once they got engaged! Nathan thought of the awesome idea of having us be there to capture the actual PROPOSAL, and Shaun jumped right on it!

I was completely estatic to find out that he'd be proposing during the pre-show to Beauty and the Beast at Disney's MGM Studios (Now the "Hollywood Studios." Laaaaaaame!) Anyway, if you haven't experienced the pre-show, you need to go see it now. I mean it. It's a four man acapella group that comes out and sings 3 songs and then does a magical moment with an unexpected guest. Typically it's a birthday or anniversary, but they bring the guest(s) to the front of the audience and serenade them with "When You Wish Upon a Star." It's adorable. Though I've been a HUGE fan of this group since I was in middle school, I've never been sung to, and I think it's just adorable. Anyway, the group's name is "Four for a Dollar" at Disney, "Return 2 Zero" outside of the park. They're not your grandma's acapella group, and they sing songs like "Play That Funky Music, White Boy," Van Morrison's "Moondance," (Doug, I'll always love you for that one!) and "Saturday in the Park." The four guys are some of the sweetest you'll ever meet, and if you ever get the chance to talk to Sammy or Andrew (The two far right guys if you go see them live), tell them Jensey sent you and that she loves them very very much! :)

In the meantime, go buy their cds! I recommend most of the songs on "4", but their self-titled cd, "Return 2 Zero" is classic, even though I'm bitter it was pre-Sammy. And if you even remotely enjoy listening to Christmas music, pick up "Snowfall," because Marshall sings a kick-ass rendition of "Carol of the Bells." Really just go buy all of them, and you will not regret it. I could go on and on, but I think I'll save that for a later post. :) But seriously... They'll rock your face off.

That being said, I was so happy that Shaun would be proposing during the show! I wish I could say I was totally calm about it the whole time, but I literally had goosebumps while Nathan and I were waiting for the proposal! Nathan sat in the very front row thanks to my friends at the Theater, and I was in the very back with our long lens. The best part is Caitlin didn't even know that we were there until she saw the pictures a couple days later!

My guys.. Doug, Marshall, Sammy, and Andrew!

Shaun starting his speech after them being called down. Caitlin said she had no idea it was coming!

I love Marshall's face in this one!

Precious. :)

We did their offical 'engagement shoot' a month or so later. :)

My favorite from the session:

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