Saturday, October 27, 2007

Anna & Nick - Wedding

Anna and Nick were married at the beautiful Rainbow Springs State Park here in Florida. They said their vows in front of this huge waterfall with their closest friends & family members gathered around them. It really was beautiful....even though I got completely mauled by mosquitos! Future brides: If I reak of mosquito repellant at your wedding, I do apologize! ;)

Their outdoor wedding was followed by an outdoor reception, which included a two-man folk band, cupcakes instead of a wedding cake, and guests playing frisbee & other lawn games! The best part of the reception was when one of their guests decided to take it upon herself to round up guests wearing the same colored clothes for us to take a picture. We did a red group photo, black & white, purple, green, etc.. It was so great! Not only did it make guests get out of their comfort zone and force them to mingle with other guests, but it also makes for a really unique spread for their wedding album.

Anyway... On to the pictures!!

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ashley & jeremy parsons said...

unique angles and perspectives, and incredible light - these are great!