Thursday, November 01, 2007

Nate & Jensey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party :)

Well, I sure hope everyone had a fun & safe Halloween this year. We spent the evening giving out candy and were able to meet some of our awesome new neighbors!

Here are some pictures from our little Halloween party! Enjoy! :)

Thayne came all the way up from Tampa! (He & Erika are the couple featured on the top bar of our blog).

This was the first time Nate's two best friends have ever met!
Group picture with Brad and Brian (OUR wedding photographer / officiant!)
A fun shot of the whole gang.
Huckleberry Elias Finn doing what he does best. :)


Amanda K said...

OMG your little puppy looks so freaking cute!

jenseylove said...

I knoooooow! He makes my heart happy. :)