Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jamie & Stephen - Engagement

It's hard to believe fall's already here.. Because trees don't change colors here, the only way I can tell it's autumn is when my television shows come back from summer hiatus. How sad is that? I've been such a happy girl this week, though, because we've already been getting into The Bachelor (I know, I know..) and America's Next Top Model (I've even picked out my favorite girls!)

Our two FAVORITE shows are SO close to premiering, I can't stand it! The only time I CHOSE to watch live tv is when The Office and 30 Rock come on Thursday nights. I can't wait even one extra minute to see The Office. Anyway. You know where Nathan and I'll be tomorrow night!!

*Ahem.* Back to our next couple.. Jamie and Stephen were awesome. Our cameras just loved them, and I'm really disappointed we're already booked on their super cool wedding date (06.07.08)! Anyway, their engagement session adventure started in Leu Gardens, and ended at our favorite spots on Park Avenue. We even found this red abstract (thing?) to play with, and it looked great against their black and white clothes!

Well, enough blabbing.. On to the pictures! Enjoy! :)

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