Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lea & Dave - Engagement

Looks like I really haven't been giving the blog much love lately.. The first Root Photography client to mention this post in an email to gets a free $25 voucher to spend on prints!

Lea and Dave were just wonderful to work with. Dave's from England, they met online, and got engaged on the Eiffel Tower! So romantic. :) It seemed the only place fitting to do their engagement session was around the world in Disney's Epcot Center! We started at the pub in England, of course, and went around from there. They were such troopers even though it was POURING for the last 30 minutes or so of their session.

They're getting married just 16 days before us, so in all honesty, I'm ok if their wedding day takes its time getting here! I have far too many loose ends to tie up before our big day. I did finally find my dress, however! Who knew! :)

Anyway.. Happy Wednesday!


Lea said...


We had so much fun you guys! :) It was more like going to the park and hanging out with a couple of friends than being followed around by photographers! ;) You two are fantastic. I am so looking forward to the wedding!

Jensey- I'm sure you're flippin out just as much as I am trying to get everything planned and together!

jenseylove said...

Hey, Lea! :)

You bet I am! I did, however, FINALLY find a dress! So, those wedding nightmares about me walking down the aisle in pajamas are gone. Now I dream about us having to serve pizza to our guests, so I guess that means I need to get everything squared away with the caterer!

Anyway.. We can't wait to see you guys in December!!