Thursday, August 13, 2009

08.13.09 : Even more previews!

I feel just terrible for the almost exclusive preview posts lately. :/ The truth is, our days lately have been filled much more with shooting than editing, but boy, it feels good to be back in the office editing today. :) Nathan and I took our alotted 3 days off for the month last week when we made a decision to switch our office with our bedroom. Once we realized we spend 90% of our waking hours working, it just felt right to use the extra space for our office. I love the new arrangement as we both get much more room, still get to sit next to each other, and we even have a little designated 'shipping center,' and what I call our 'break room' with a mini-loveseat and tv. I feel spoiled! :)

Some past clients, Ashley and Justin, popped in for a visit on Monday for sort of a mini wedding photography workshop. They're starting their own business up in Memphis, and I'm just so darn excited/proud of them! I can't wait to see where Javen Photography goes. We love you guys!!

That being said, my next post will be a full engagement session. No, really. Seriously. I mean it this time. Pinky swear. Girl Scouts' honor. (I take that last one quite seriously, mind you.)

Here are some quick favorites from Dara & Jason's awesome Disney wedding last week-

My favorite favorite so far.
Such a sweet impromptu first dance. :)
And now, meet Jennifer and Dan!

Jennifer is the cutest thing ever. Seriously... I'm beyond excited for their big day!



Jennifer McLean said...

YAY pictures!! Thank you guys so much! They are beyond perfect, now I just can't wait to see more!! I think I'm still in shock and will spend the rest of the night looking at the photos. Thanks again!
<3 Jenni & Dan

Brena said...

So funny... I know Jason's sister and I remember reading on her facebook profile that her brother was getting married that morning and then reading on your facebook status that you were heading out for pictures and I was wondering if you guys were going to the same wedding!!!!

Magee-Lee Family said...

I agree. - I LOVE the one that cuts off right below their heads. It's GREAT! Y'all did a similar one of Mark and me holding hands at the "altar." I just love the effect that it gives. In this one, it makes you focus on the details, which are fabulous, by the way.

Sara-Jayne said...

I love those photos (as always!). I want that Mickey ears one ~ that is so amazing! I also never knew you were a girl scout too! (We call them Brownies here)...

Becka @Studio222 Photography said...

Post pictures pretty please! I'm in a rut about our office. Maybe it will inspire me towards a new arrangement!