Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Carrie & Patrick : Walt Disney World

These next two posts are so old, I'm a little embarrassed to even post them! Our friends Carrie and Patrick came to visit Disney World last September and while hanging out, we did a little in-park shoot with them. On the way to the park, we ran into honeymooners Jennifer & Rob!

Going for a little spin on DUMBO the FLYING Elephant, aka, one of my pre-photography jobs. :)
I was excited. :)

I love all the movement in this one!

Root love!


hoofprints & heartbeats said...

I love that second to last photo. You girls look like models =]

Jensey! said...

Awww, thank you! :)

Anita said...

yeah, I'm more than a little in love with that same pic! DIVAS!