Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ashley & Jeremy : Wedding

I'm beyond happy that we were able to shoot Ashley and Jeremy's wedding last year. :) In a perfect "Small World" moment, it turns out that Jeremy went to my high school in Tennessee just a few years before me. :) Anyway, here are my favorites from their big day-

I fell in love with Ashley's elegant gown.
This was the view from her parents' suite at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. *Drool.*
First looks are best. Because Ashley and Jeremy had a night wedding, they saw each other before hand so we didn't loose out on photos! If you have a wedding coming up, think about doing a first look.. Seriously. It's the best gift you could give yourself on your wedding day!

I loved her bouquet. :)

I love this next series of Ashley and Jeremy looking at each other. :)

Favorite. :)

Ashley and Jeremy were married in the Animal Kingdom park, which was nothing short of amazing!
This was one of the best things I've seen in a wedding ceremony- The mothers of the bride and groom each gave them a bottle of wine. Ashley and Jeremy came with letters written for eachother, and the officiant had them put everything in this box and nail it shut. The idea is that you don't open the box until your 20th wedding anniversary. If things get tough before then, you open the box and the couple goes into separate rooms and reads the others letter while drinking a glass of wine. Wow. I think I did a terrible job at explaining it, but I loved it. :)

Pre-first dance dance. :)
By far one of the coolest reception venues ever.

We met up with the couple the next night and shot some fireworks lovin'.

Ashley and Jeremy, congratulations!


Adam S said...

The old-looking one in the chairs is awesome. Well, awesome/scary. Actually, it's more scary, you know, in an old photo kind of way. Very cool.

...but mostly, just scary.

lorie said...

Love their location!!

And I totally have to agree with Adam about the shot of them in the chair. It looks like one of those 19th century memento mori photos, in a cool way of course.

Carriatrick! said...


And let me just chime in to say that the "first look" is a fantastic idea. Not only does it let you take more pictures together, but you actually get to talk to each other and share a quiet moment together, instead of standing mutely at the altar waiting for the ceremony to end...


Stef's Blog said...

I'm not gonna lie...I teared up.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Where, exactly, in the AK was their ceremony and reception?

thatdisneygirl said...

wow, that venue is amazing! i love the idea of the bottles of wine and the letters...Kyle and I might have to do that for ourselves even though we missed it as a wedding tradition...

Koontz Photography said...

What a beautiful location. And to think that Disney is so cheap that they only pay their costumed cast $8.50 an hour >_<

Anonymous said...

I teared up too! Wow. What a GREAT wedding. Their location was stunning & the photos are INCREDIBLE, as always! I never thought Id do the "first look" thing, but the more I see of them and experience them myself ... the more I love it. ALSO love the wine/letter idea. on all accounts! :)

Jensey! said...

Adam & Lorie - I wasn't at all creeped out by that photo until y'all mentioned. Creepy cool. :)

Carrie - Thanks for the advertisment! Now just copy and paste that in every post from now on. ;)

Stef - You are precious. Come to FL.

Anonymous - The ceremony was actually in a smoking section off the path from Africa to Asia. Crazy! The reception was at Tamu Tamu, my new favorite spot.

Carly - Nate and I are probably gonna do the same!

Casie - The first look makes all the difference!