Friday, January 16, 2009

Carly & Kyle : Wedding

Carly and Kyle's wedding was our first wedding of 2009! Huzzah!

So, my favorite thing about this wedding was that Carly had a wedding planning blog that I was able to follow throughout her engagement! I loved seeing everything fall into place and having a bit of an idea of who's who, and being able to offer my 2 cents along the way. Do any of my other brides have blogs?! If so, I wanna know!!

Anyway, this was the view from her posh suite at the Grand Floridian, where everything took place. (Yes, that's THE castle out there!)

Carly was live blogging her wedding day from her phone! How cool is that?! This was her sending a picture of us when we got there. :)

Can you tell that's the brother of the bride? ;)

So pretty!

I know I do this shot alllllll the time, but I never get sick of it. Ever.
Probably my favorite of the day, or of any wedding at the Grand! Carly and Kyle snuggling in front of the Wedding Pavilion. :)

The main reason why in my heart of hearts, I don't ever wanna move. :(
Carly took a minute to practice the father/daughter dance before the ceremony.

My 2nd favorite. :)

They had the sweetest choreographed first dance to my new favorite song ever, "Rainbow Connection" by by Sarah McLachlan. I was definitely fighting back tears behind my camera!

Carly dancing with her Daddy...

... And then watching Kyle and his Mom dance to "Return to Pooh Corner."
Carly's grandparents, who I think have been married a bagillion years. Yes.

Name that song!
The brother of the bride was doing some fancy moves on the dance floor, which led to...

The end. :) Carly and Kyle, thank you for everything!


lorie said...

Awesome photos guys!! Clever ring shot. How long did that take? :)

thatdisneygirl said...

AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOVE THEM!!!!!!!! You guys did so great!

Ashley McCormick Photography said...

Rainbow Connection has been a favorite of mine for so long! I love that song! Beautiful as always :)

Jensey! said...

Lorie - Not nearly as long as you think. ;)

Carly - Yaaaaaaay!!!!! :)

Ashley - I know! I'd never heard a version other than Kermit's!

Anna said...

Stunning photos! Love that dress shot in the mirror, and the fountain photo.

I hope I'll start getting more blogging brides too, that'd be awesome! :D

Rebecca Davenport said...

The wedding was beautiful!! The pictures are stunning. My fiance and I laughed very hard at the photo of the falling woman on the dance floor! I hope she was ok, but that was so funny!!! Love the candid shots!!

Kadye said...

These pictures are so gorgeous! You guys can never ever leave FL, because I already know I'm going to want to use you guys for my Disney wedding!

Jensey! said...

Anna - Thanks for the comment! I'm a huge fan of the mirror shot, too. :)

Rebecca - Yeah, the lady that fell got right back up and finished dancing!

Kadye - No worries! If we leave, we'll come back and visit our vacation home. ;)

ForeverDecember said...

I just wanted to let you guys know that I have been stalking you for awhile. I love your work and have started pugging you guys on my blog. Hope you don't mind ;)