Friday, January 02, 2009


Nathan and I are enjoying our last couple days here in Indiana, but I'm so ready to head home, see my dog, and get to work! We have some fun events coming up in my editing queue, and I'm extra excited for our first wedding of 2009!

Just thought I'd share some pictures we took on our photo excursion yesterday. :)

As I was shooting Nathan...

... He was shooting this.

What a world with no high-speed internet looks like. No, thank you!

Meet Teeny, my aunt and uncle-in-laws' dog!

No thank you, Indiana!

Huck Finn, we'll see you sooooooooooooooooooooooooon!


Christy said...

Wish I had known you all were in Indiana! we're in the corner by cincinnati, and I work at the ski slopes!

Adam S said...

It occurs to me that some of these pics will make incredible iPhone wallpapers.

Jensey! said...

Christy - That's so cool! Maybe next time. ;)

Adam - Good thinking! I'm just now starting to go through our France and NY photos, so maybe they'll be some from there, too!