Friday, October 10, 2008

Vacation with the Roots : Part 4

So, this was most definitely my favorite part of our trip. :) Carrie and Patrick invited us out to their place in LA then took us all around the city and showed us the best parts of town. We are so lucky to have them as friends!

And by the way, Carrie has now officially raised the bar for not only our brides, but my own close friends and family members, by surprising me and sending a box of my favorite, favorite thing in the world (2nd to my husband, but tied with my dog..) - See's Candy Butterscotch Squares. I so don't need them in my life but boy am I glad they're here!

But really, our trip just wouldn't have been the same without Carrie & Patrick! For example.. :)

Ever since living in Memphis, he seems to follow me wherever I go!

Richard Nixon buttons, naturally.

Nathan grabbed this when we were driving.. I love it!

:):):):):):):) Hands down, one of the coolest things I've ever gotten to do.. Ever.

I'm not able to post some of the other pictures we got from the Henson Studios, so here are some from their front entrance! :)

Moving on.. Anyone recognize this? Anyone? ;)

That would be quite a ride...

I loved this building!!

Yes, I'm a total nerd.. Carrie went out of her way to take me to my Audrey's star!

2nd favorite part of the day.. They drove us to Griffith Observatory where we got the best view of the city! It was amazing, and next time we're out there, I wanna do a shoot with Nathan. :)

Favorite. :)

Nate's not crazy about this next one, but I love it.. It makes me think of Mary Poppins when Bert takes them to the roof and they look over London. :)

Sometimes we're cute. :)

Nathan grabbed this shot of Patrick..

... And then decided he wanted one, too. ;)

The REAL one!!
*Whew*! Two more vacation posts, then I promise it's back to our beautiful couples! <3


Sara-Jayne said...

Awww ~ fun! Did you see Rowlf? No one ever sees him anymore, I miss him. I got my nickname "Bob" after him.

Ashton31 said...

I am so very jealous of y'alls vacation! Looks like you guys had a blast, y'all deserve it! :)

Love, love, love the photos of the haunted mansion redone as the nightmare before Christmas! That is so awesome! All of the photos are absolutely WONDERFUL!, as always!! :)

Now Ill make you guys jealous, heheee... Alex and I are heading to Atlanta tomorrow to see Wicked on tour!!! :)

Talk to you soon

Patrick Johnson said...

Another great group of photos!

Suzanne said...

Those airtime shots of Patrick and Nathan are fantabulous.

That's so cool that you got to see the *original* Crossroads, and I am extremely jealous that you got to go to the Jim Henson Studios.

It pays to have connections! :)

Studio222 Photography said...

I'm so jealous! Let's get double date dinner sometime soon!

Jensey! said...

Sara-Jayne - No Rowlf, but I love him! When I was little, I had shoes with him on it. :)

Ashton - The mansion is AWESOME! I'm adding a couple more pictures tomorrow. :) I'd be SOOOOO jealous of you going to see Wicked, but I get to see it this December! Tell me how it was!!! :)

Patrick - 'Cause you're in 'em! ;)

Suzanne - I never even knew there WAS an original Crossroads before our trip!! Connections are wonderful; Our friends are so cool! :)

Rebecca - Dinner is ON like DONKEY KONG! Let's match up schedules!

Suzanne said...

Jensey, I only found out about it when I planned my California trip two years ago. Sadly, we were burnt out on LA as a whole on the 'let's go see the cool landmarks' day and just went to the beach! (Hollywood should *not* be the first stop after DL and DCA!)

Morgan said...

Any chance of selling prints of these? I want 0016 for my living room!!