Thursday, October 16, 2008

Renee & Shane : Wedding

Renee and Shane's wedding day really was their dream come true. From the ultimate fairytale location at Disney's Wedding Pavilion to the majordomo that introduced them prince-and-princess style at the reception, everything was perfect.

Renee was absolutely flawless on her wedding day..
I loved the diamonds in the gerber daisies!
From the wedding pavilion window, there's a perfect view of Cinderella Castle in the background. I seriously find it so much cooler with the crane next to it! :)

Taking a walk with her Dad..

Favorite. :)
I know I've said it a million times before, but Disney wedding cakes win. Hands down.

This was the cutest thing ever.. There were chair covers and bows around every seat at the reception, and they even put a bow around the highchairs. :)
First dance love.
Mickey signing the guest book. :)

So, we were on the bus with the guests driving to their dessert party at Epcot, when Nathan noticed the bus driver was playing Rambo on the video screens. We were cracking up, and I'm still amazed no one else noticed!
What better way to end your wedding day than with the greatest fireworks show ever?

The end. :)


Suzanne said...

That first picture of Renee is great. I can only imagine how much of a glow she had in person.

Oh, love that first fireworks picture, too! It's great to have photographers who must know IllumiNations intimately and can time those pictures to maximum effect!

Sara-Jayne :) said...

They look so beautiful, and so happy! Love the crane. Just love it!

Renee & Shane said...

Thank you for the beautiful blog of our wedding. We had no idea about rambo too funny!

Thanks again you guys are the best!