Sunday, July 01, 2007

Thayne & Erika - Wedding PART 1

A couple of weeks ago, Nathan was the best man in Thayne's wedding! He was so humbled by the experience, and I was horrified to be left on my own during some pretty big parts of the day! The wedding was held at Erika's parents' home in Manchester, Tennessee. It was our first time to play with a big, open field, and we had a hay day with it! Haha, get it? Hay.. Nevermind. :)

Anyway, while Nathan and Thayne got ready in the morning with the other guys, I covered Erika's 'getting ready' moments. She and I then met the guys in the field for their first look. It was just the four of us there, and the moment was beyond special! We always, always encourage our couples to do this before the wedding. And for those of you who wonder why, I think these pictures speak for themselves! Nathan and I had a solid hour with Thayne and Erika before the wedding, and we came out with some incredible photos that wouldn't have otherwise happened.

The reception followed on the other side of the house, and was filled with live entertainment, close friends, and one stunning bride!

Congratulations, Thayne and Erika!! Thank you for letting us share such a big part of your special day! <3

One of my favorite moments.. I snagged this one while looking out the upstairs window.. It's Nathan driving Thayne out in the field for their first look!

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jon said...

Once again ya'll have done an amazing job. These are by far the best shots in your portfolio. What a lucky couple!