Monday, July 23, 2007

Alaska Recap Part 2!

My Dad was really excited we were coming up, but I think it was mainly so he could get some professional pictures of his plane! We were talking with Dad and Chris about the best way to go about shooting, when Dad volunteered Nate to... Fly in Chris' plane with the passenger door off, lying on the floor with only a seatbelt holding him in! It was pretty intense. Really. Here, this week was the first time Nathan ever flew in a small plane, and days later, he's well.. Flying with the door off! Anyway.. He got some killer shots of me and Dad mid-flight (we're in the red and white 2 seater), and I tried my best getting some of Chris and Nate in the air.

Anyway.. Enjoy our favorite adventure in Alaska! And more random pretty pictures. :)

Nathan all belted in and ready to go!

I LOVE that you can see my Dad so well here!

The glaciers were AMAZING!

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Daniella Koontz said...

Amazing photos! I couldn't even begin to imagine flying with the door off! Looks like you guys had an amazing trip, Alaska looks so beautiful. My paternal grandfather lives somewhere up there, but I don't really know him.

My husband has gotten the chance to go to Alaska when his uncle lived there, but that's one of the 5 or 6 states I have yet to go to out of all 50!