Friday, June 08, 2007

Natalie & Paul - Wedding

Natalie is Rob's little sister, and we were so excited she and Paul chose to go with us.. We just love that family! It's especially fun to shoot a wedding when you know a guest or two. :)

Natalie & Paul got married in Paradise Cove, which ended up being such a fun, colorful location to play with! They decided to see eachother beforehand which we always love, and then spent the 45 minutes before the ceremony on a boat with the bridal party! The wedding was so much fun.. They even had a cigar roller on-site.

Anyway.. Enjoy some of our favorites from the day!

Nathan and I with Jessie and Rob!


Kevin Keelan said...

Hey Nathan,
love you pics.
keep up the great work your passion showes in your work.

Pnut said...

We get so many compliments on our pictures!! Thanks for capturing the fun and love we all had at the wedding!

My friends are starting to FINALLY tie their own knots and of course they want to know who shot our wedding, so be ready to hear from them!